Pediatric Capsule Endoscopy Curriculum Study


Capsule Endoscopy Curriculum File Resources...Download first
To download the files please click on the associated link.

Please click here to download the NASPGHAN Capsule Endoscopy Clinical Report
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Please click here to download the Capsule Endoscopy Reading Software from Medtronic. (It requires a Windows Based Computer to Run).
Scroll to Software updates and click on version 8.3
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Please click here to download the entire capsule endoscopy teaching video file as one file. Please Click Here
After the file unzips, move the video folder to the desktop and open the .gvi file through Rapid Reader to access the video.

To download each video as a separate file, click the appropriate videos below.

Video 1Video 2Video 3
Video 4Video 5Video 6
Video 7Video 8Video 9
Video 10Video 11Video 12
Video 13Video 14Video 15
Video 16Video 17Video 18
Video 19Video 20Video 21

Please click here to download an capsule endoscopy demo report
Please Click Here

Many academic centers have restrictions on downloading zipped files, we would recommend to discuss with your IT department on how to install the software or open the files.
Alternatively and likely easier one could download on a personal laptop/computer.

The Entire Capsule Video File are over 8 GB (single files 500 MB) of data and will require a high speed data connection to download. On a Windows Computer Winzip would be used to decompress the files, on a Apple computer the software is native. After the files is decompressed please move to a directory the capsule endoscopy program can access. The Capsule Endoscopy Reading Software from Medtronic is Windows Compatible Only.

If you have any issues downloading these files or would like to download individual capsule videos rather than the batch, please email our webmaster by clicking here: E-Mail Webmaster


Please click here to start the capsule endoscopy curriculum

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